SaSa Network

Together we amplify our voices. Sabah & Sarawak Superblog or simply, SASA. A syndicated network of blogs from Sabah and Sarawak, Malaysia. Because there are millions of blogs out there. We need SASA in order to be heard, and to be seen.
Sertai SASA untuk menjangkau lebih ramai pembaca blog anda.

SASA Welcomes YOU...

All Sabah and Sarawak bloggers regardless of your blogging preference, orientation and ideologies are the most welcome to join the ever expanding SASA Network. You see, SASA means SAbah & SArawak. Us, exactly.

How to become a SaSa superblog Member?

You can become a member of SaSa in only THREE simple steps.

1. Know yourself. If you are a Sabahan blogger, click HERE. If you are a Sarawakian Blogger click HERE.

2. Find "Post a Comment" and post your blog RSS link (ONLY RSS link, please!)

3. Download the above SaSa Logo. Put the logo and SaSa.Blogspot.Com link SOMEWHERE on your main page. We don't really care where~ left, right, top, bottom; as long as it is on the main page.

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