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SAPP: Education ministry has thrown the Malaysia Agreement into the dustbin

KOTA KINABALU - The revelation today by the education department that only 64 out of the 598 new teachers arriving at Sabah this month are Sabahans shows that the education ministry has thrown the Malaysia Agreement 1963 into the dustbin, says SAPP.

SAPP president Datuk Seri Yong Teck Lee reminded that the Malaysia Agreement is explicit that the Borneonisation of the civil service is a binding obligation on the Malaysian government. But, instead of gradually implementing Borneonisation of the civil service by replacing West Malaysian teachers with Sabah teachers, it seems that the government is speeding up the complete Malayanisation of the civil service in Sabah, especially in education and religion for whatever hidden agenda.

He said the primary schools are meant to teach our students how to read and count, to know geography, to understand science and history and to be civic-minded. The proper places for large number of religious teachers is at the religious schools, not normal schools.

"The latest posting of large numbers of religious teachers to non-religious schools, including Chinese primary schools and mission schools, gives rise to legitimate concern of a hidden religious and political agenda," said Yong.

Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) is a local opposition party, the first political party that pursued autonomy for Sabah.

From: SaSa General FEED
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Police waiver on urine test for lion, dragon and unicorn troupes but..

KOTA KINABALU - City police have agreed to waive the urine test requirement before approving permits for the lion, dragon and unicorn dance troupes to perform during the upcoming Chinese New Year festival.

However, members of the troupes involved in a fight last year would still have to go for the urine test.

Sabah Dragon, Unicorn and Lion Dance Association President Danny Kok expressed appreciation to City Police Chief, ACP M Chandra for accepting the association's members' appeal to waive one of the conditions for the police permit.

According to Kok, he had just returned from overseas when members contacted him to complain about the "sudden introduction of the new requirement."

"I want to thank the city police chief for immediately agreeing to meet us today (Wednesday) to discuss the issue," he said, adding that Chandra had explained in detail to the association the rationale behind the new condition.

Kok said the reason for the urine test condition was due to the fighting incident involving different lion dance troupes last year that also saw one of the members stabbed and seriously wounded.

Kok agreed that the incident gave a bad image to the lion dance troupes as well as to the younger generation who witnessed the fighting, "which is not our culture."

"However, while the association appreciates the police's noble intention I also pleaded that the lion dance troupes original intention is to raise funds for schools and organisations. It is also to promote harmony among the people.

"It doesn't mean that all the troupes are involved. There could be one or two and these are the black sheep. Some of the things are beyond the control of the troupe leaders," he said, adding that there are about 40 to 50 troupes in the city alone.

Towards this end, Kok said Chandra agreed that those who are not in the police list would not be required to go for the urine test.

Besides that, Chandra also asked the association to assist in monitoring the unlicensed troupes soliciting money door-to-door, to ensure all the troupe members have proper documents as well as no movement on vehicles during transportation of troupes and their props.

Related news ....

From: SaSa General FEED
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Sarawak PKR files review bid to stop redelineation

Joseph Tawie A Sarawak PKR assemblyperson filed a judicial review application in the Kuching High Court this morning to compel the Election Commission (EC) to review its “unconstitutional” redelineation exercise. Naming the EC as the sole respondent, Batu Lintang assemblyperson See Chee How wants the current EC redelineation exercise for parliamentary and state seats to […]

From: SaSa General FEED
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Banned Sarawak NGO seeks justice through the courts

KUCHING - The Sarawak Association for Peoples’ Aspiration (Sapa), which has since been banned by the Home Minister, is seeking a judicial review to reinstate its status.

Sapa president Lina Soo, deputy president Hugh Lawrence Zehnder and assistant secretary Tambi Pilang named Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the Registrar of Societies (ROS), and the Malaysian government as respondents.

The association has 11 ordinary members, mostly pensioners and housewives.

Counsel Dominique Ng, who is representing Sapa, said the banning order was a serious matter of public interest as it struck at freedom of speech and expression, and freedom of association, the very tenets of democracy and fundamental civil liberties guaranteed in the Federal Constitution.

“Sapa has always conducted its activities within the ambit of its constitution as a legally constituted organisation, and the association has been denied the right to be heard,” he said.

The banning order was deemed, “irrational, an abuse and unreasonable exercise of discretionary power, unconstitutional and procedurally improper”.

Zahid declared Sapa on November 14 as an unlawful society pursuant to Section (5) of the Societies Act 1966 via a federal government gazette on the opinion of the minister that “Sapa is being used for purposes prejudicial to the interest of the security of Malaysia and public order”.

Sapa was a year old at the time of the banning order.

From: SaSa General FEED
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Selamat Hari Lahir KM Sarawak...

Semoga Panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki..

Infografik:Cetusan Kenyalang

From: SaSa General FEED
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Berik jak lah...banyak dah pengorbanan rakyat Sarawak

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Lessons from Sarawak

Ghui Lessons from Sarawak – the role of the free press in public accountability There are many reasons why many countries do not permit a political leader from sitting at the helm of power infinitely. Various mechanisms such as the fostering of a vigorous opposition, a free press and the limitation on the amount of […]

From: SaSa General FEED
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Camna leh ada kat Miri?

Camna leh ada kat Miri?

Kereta DeLorean Back To The Future Di Miri, Tayar Depan Pancit - MYNEWSHUB

BAGI peminat filem Back To The Future lakonan pelakon Michael J Fox pastinya meminati kereta DeLorean DMC-12 yang diubahsuai menjadi mesin merentas masa

From: SaSa General FEED
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Lion Dance Troupe to go for urine tests?

KOTA KINABALU - In a surprise move, the Kota Kinabalu police have set a new regulation to all Lion troupes applying for permit for the coming Chinese New Year that every member of the troupe must go for a urine test for drugs in the local hospitals.

Lion Dance Organisation confirmed that they have received a formal notification from the police, which has causing an uproar among the Chinese community.

Urine tests per person could cost RM90 and if a troupe has more than 10 or more than 20 players, just imagine the whopping costs involved!

One person said if such urine tests were to be conducted more than once will be devastating to these Lion dance troupes.

News was reported in the Chinese See Hua Daily newspapers today.

From: SaSa General FEED
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'Sulu Sultan' names Phugdal to be Raja Muda

(Seated from left) Rajah Muda Agbimuddin Kiram,

Sultan Jalul Kiram III, Sultan Bantilan Esmail Kiram II.

(Standing from left) Datu Alianapia Kiram, Datu Phugdal Kiram

and Datu Baduruddin Kiram.

PETALING JAYA - The self-styled Sulu Sultan Esmail Kiram II has proclaimed that his younger brother Datu Phugdal Kiram will be the next Raja Muda (crown prince) of the so-called Sulu Sultanate.

Esmail told the Star Online on Tuesday that Phugdal, 68, was chosen because of the Sultanate's law of succession and that to be a candidate one had to be a direct descendant of Sultan Sharif ul-Hashim, the first Sulu Sultan.

Phugdal, who was a public school teacher, will assume the title of Rajah Muda held by his older brother, the late Azzimudie Kiram, 74 who died of a heart attack on Jan 13.

Azzimudie led the Sulu armed intrusion into Kampung Tanduo at Felda Sabah 17 near Lahad Datu, Sabah, in February 2013 that led to a bloody standoff.

When asked why another brother Datu Alianiapa was not named to take over from Azzimudie, Esmail said that under the Sulu Sultanate succession law, the older brother (Phugdal) was next in line and not the younger sibling (Alianiapa).

"Some people are spreading rumours of a power struggle to show that we are not united. Datu Phugdal is the rightful successor," he said.

When asked if there were plans to invade Sabah again, Esmail said there was no invasion in the first place as Sabah belonged to them historically.

"We never use the word claim as Sabah belongs to us," he said.

During the military offensive to regain control of Tanduo in March 2013, Azzimudie and several of his followers escaped to Tawi-Tawi where he has been hiding out until his death.

Some 60 people, including nine Malaysian security personnel were killed, in the operations against the Sulu gunmen.

Arrested were another 30 people including Esmail’s son, Datu Amir Bahar Husin Kiram.

They were detained under the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act (Sosma) and subsequently charged for various offences including treason.

Their trial is currently underway.

From: SaSa General FEED
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Dengue outbreak in KK areas

KOTA KINABALU - A dengue outbreak has been detected in several areas in the city. However, the situation is under control, according to State Health Department Director Dr Christina Rundi.

She said so far, three cases were reported in Kg Sembulan Baru, Kg Sembulan Tengah and Taman Sempelang, respectively.

She advised everyone to keep their premises clean and to inspect their premises every week to get rid of mosquito-breeding sites.

"Everyone is responsible in keeping their area free of Aedes breeding site," she said when contacted via WhatsApp on Monday.

A Health Department vehicle was on Sunday spotted driving around Tanjung Aru town, Kepayan Ridge and Sembulan, reminding residents to keep their premises clean.

From: SaSa General FEED
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Jom Ke Berambeh Situk 2015

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Kemalangan awal pagi tadi Bintulu-tatau...

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Steps to curb exam leaks spot on, but must be well executed, says lobbyist

ELIZABETH ZACHARIAH Efforts to curb exam leaks would be reduced to nothing if those dealing with the papers continue abusing their roles, an education lobbyist said about an independent panel’s 15-point proposal to address the problem. Parent Action Group for Education (PAGE) praised the Independent Committee to Review Public Examinations in Malaysia’s proposal, but said […]

From: SaSa General FEED
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Kenyataan Penuh KEMENTERIAN WANITA Rotan Anak Menjadi Kes Jenayah



1. Kementerian Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat (KPWKM) ingin merujuk kepada liputan media berkaitan tindakan merotan anak menjadi kesalahan jenayah yang disiarkan oleh akhbar pada hari ini (25 Januari 2015) berdasarkan sidang media pada 24 Januari 2015 di Shah Alam.

2. Dalam sidang media tersebut, YB Menteri Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat memberi penerangan bahawa cadangan di dalam Rang Undang-Undang Kanak-Kanak baharu akan merangkumi perkara-perkara berikut:

i. Penyertaan kanak-kanak selaras dengan prinsip Konvensyen Mengenai Hak Kanak-Kanak (Convention on the Rights of the Child, CRC);

ii. Pemansuhan hukuman sebatan ke atas kanak-kanak yang berkonflik dengan undang-undang (melakukan kesalahan jenayah);

iii. Peruntukan baharu yang membolehkan pelaksanaan konsep diversion; dan

iiii. Peruntukan baharu mengenai pelaksanaan deinstitutionalisation.

3. Pada masa ini seksyen 91 (1) (g) dalam Akta Kanak-Kanak 2001 membenarkan seseorang kanak-kanak lelaki dikenakan hukuman sebatan tidak lebih daripada 10 kali sebatan apabila disabitkan dengan kesalahan melakukan jenayah. Dalam hal ini, hukuman sebatan di Mahkamah adalah berbeza dengan hukuman merotan sama ada di sekolah atau rumah. Hukuman sebatan di Mahkamah dilakukan secara teratur mengikut prosedur yang ditetapkan undang-undang. Walau bagaimanapun, atas alasan perkembangan psikologi dan selaras dengan CRC Kementerian bercadang untuk memansuhkan hukuman tersebut.

4. Selaras dengan cadangan pemansuhan hukuman sebatan di Mahkamah tersebut, Kementerian telah meneliti perlakuan merotan kanak-kanak di kalangan masyarakat Malaysia. Pada masa ini, peruntukan yang dicadangkan dalam Rang Undang-Undang Kanak-Kanak baharu bukanlah bermaksud supaya setiap perbuatan merotan menjadi kesalahan jenayah.

5. Perlakuan merotan, sekiranya sehingga menyebabkan kecederaan fizikal atau mental boleh terjumlah kepada melakukan kesalahan jenayah. Di bawah undang-undang sedia ada pun, sebenarnya perbuatan itu telah dijadikan suatu kesalahan di bawah seksyen 31(1) Akta Kanak-Kanak 2001 yang boleh dihukum dengan penjara selama tempoh tidak melebihi sepuluh tahun atau denda tidak melebihi dua puluh ribu atau kedua-duanya.

6. Kementerian sedang meneliti dan memperhalusi cadangan untuk memasukkan peruntukan undang-undang yang lebih terperinci supaya apa-apa perbuatan kepada kanak-kanak sehingga menyebabkan kecederaan fizikal atau emosi kepada kanak-kanak merupakan suatu kesalahan jenayah yang boleh dikenakan hukuman penjara atau denda yang lebih tinggi. Di samping itu, Kementerian juga mempertimbangkan untuk mengadakan hukuman alternatif seperti khidmat masyarakat atau kaunseling atau kursus ke ibubapaan.

7. Selaras dengan amalan konsultasi dan engagement secara berterusan dengan semua stakeholders dan

pihak berkepentingan, Kementerian ini akan meneruskan tradisi tersebut dalam penggubalan Rang Undang-Undang Kanak-Kanak ini.

Disediakan oleh:

Unit Komunikasi Korporat

Kementerian Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat

Aras 35, No. 55, Persiaran Perdana, Persint 4,

62100 Putrajaya. 03-8323 108

#PPM rasa kesilapan utama disini bila disebut perkataan merotan. Dalam apa jua keadaan sudah tentu akan menyebabkan berlaku percanggahan maksud bila disampaikan pihak lain. Sewajar jangan langsung menggunakan perkataan rotan. Bagus menggunakan mendera kanak-kanak sudah cukup mengambarkan perbuatan merotan atau menghukum hingga meninggalkan kecederaan fizikal.

Sudah memadai untuk menyampaikan maksud sebenar.

Kesalahan menggunakan perkataan akhirnya inilah akibatnya terpaksa membuat pencerahan yang sukar untuk diperbetulkan semula. Sebab isu sudah viral menjadi sesuatu yang dahsyat. Harap dikemudian hari perlu berhati-hati menggunakan perkataan.

From: SaSa General FEED
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Anda Setuju?

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PEMEDAYAN to Tour Sultanate

BRUNEI - MUARA : In effort to raise the status of the Malay Kedayan as a religious and cultural community, a Roadshow on the Persatuan Melayu Kedayan or Kedayan Malay Association (PEMEDAYAN) was held yesterday.

Article from Babad Feed

From: SaSa General FEED
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Akar Umbi Dan Media Harakah PAS semakin Dayus Takut Pertahankan Haji Hadi

Pelik betul dengan akar umbi dan media PAS terutama Harakah. kenapa takut sangat untuk pertahankan Presiden mereka sendiri iaitu Haji Hadi. Sudah berapa kali Haji Hadi diserang bertubi-tubi DAP PKR. Tak ada yang berani bangkit dari PAS.

Kalu hendak diikut kalau DAP kena serang dengan BN, laju sangat mereka bangkit mempertahankan DAP walaupu isu melibatkan kesucian dan kedudukan agama islam itu sendiri. Lihatlah bila khutbah Jumaat diselar ektremmisme oleh Eric Paulsen dan Latifah Koyak laju je akar umbi PAS bersetongkol.

Lihatlahlah kahlimah Allah dan bab masjid tidak berani laungkan azan subuh melalui speaker. laju ke mereka bersetongkol pertahankan DAP.

Tidak tanduk akar umbi PAS demi DAP sehingga sanggup menjadi benten macam lebu di jalan raya malah sanggup mengorbankan nyawa bersabung dengan pihak berkuasa.

Tetapi bila Presiden PAS sendiri bongkar niat jahat DAP yang boleh meyebabkan 13 mei berulang. Akar Umbi PAS dan Media PAS seperti Harakah jadi dayus, takut kecut tidak berani langsung mempertahankan Presiden sendiri malah ada yang sanggup berpaling tadah menyebelah DAP dan PKR.

Apa sudah jadi dengan PAS. Apa sudah jadi dengan perjuangan Islam PAS. Atau memang benar mereka ini tergolong dalam golongan dayus seumur hidup. Kalau tidak bangkit buktikan jati diri anda wahai akar umbi PAS.

From: SaSa General FEED
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Di Sabah, jumlah mangsa menurun kepada 682 orang berbanding 1,233 orang pagi ta...

Di Sabah, jumlah mangsa menurun kepada 682 orang berbanding 1,233 orang pagi tadi, dan di Sarawak jumlah mangsa menurun kepada 1,587 orang daripada 1,684 orang pagi ini.

Jumlah mangsa banjir di Sabah, Sarawak menurun

Keadaan banjir di Sabah dan Sarawak beransur reda berikutan jumlah mangsa banjir yang ditempatkan di pusat pemindahan.

From: SaSa General FEED
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Di Beaufort, Jurucakap Bilik Gerakan Banjir berkata bilangan mangsa di dua pusat...

Di Beaufort, Jurucakap Bilik Gerakan Banjir berkata bilangan mangsa di dua pusat pemindahan kekal 195 orang daripada 42 keluarga sementara di Membakut, dua pusat pemindahan di Dewan Baru Membakut dan SMK Beaufort Dua merekodkan peningkatan jumlah mangsa seramai 1,038 orang berbanding 1,019 orang semalam.

Jumlah mangsa banjir di Sabah meningkat kepada 1,233

Jumlah mangsa banjir yang ditempatkan di pusat pemindahan di Sabah meningkat pagi ini kepada 1,233 orang berbanding 1,214 orang malam tadi.

From: SaSa General FEED
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