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A place name Malubang

*This post contains lots of pictures

Have you ever heard of a place name Malubang before? The name was totally sounds alien to me when my cousin invited us to join them for a family trip to that place last Friday. Later I found out that Malubang is actually one of the villages located in Pitas District and very popular with the story of Kapal Nakhoda Supirak and the Telaga Air Tawar among the local peoples. With the very bad road condition, it’s took about 3-4hours for us to get to the place. But if you driving a 4WD, you can make it short to 2-3 hours or even less! Depends on how fast you are driving.

Okay now lets continue with the pictures!

A peaceful evening in Malubang. The weather is so perfect and it’s a time for kids to have some walks on the beach.


Activity that kids have been patiently waiting for, swimming time! But they don’t exactly do the swimming anyway. They just berendam. :)


A very calm sea.


Trees that caught my attention. Seems unique to me.


The best sunset in Malubang


We were on our way to find the Telaga Air Tawar when a beautiful rainbow appears in the sky.


Look carefully. What image can you see? Me, a baby Elephant!


A stone which is resembled to a ship that local peoples believed belonged to Nakhoda supirak but then turned into stone after being cursed by his mother. The story of Kapal Nakhoda Supirak has the similarity with the story of Nakhoda Tanggang, a famous story among our community. Sorry for the small image.

Finally we found it! The Telaga Air tawar – Below is one of the three wells that can be found in the sea of Malubang and the water remains tasteless even though the area are being covered by water whenever high tide. Locals believed that the water of the wells has medicine power. Yes, it’s tasteless! I’ve tried myself.


More info about Malubang please view this blog Kulanzsalleh. :)

All pictures are taken using Sony Cyber-shot 14.1mp

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Kesesakan Di Pejabat Imigresen Miri Perlu Diberi Perhatian

Masalah kesesakan dan kesukaran mendapat Pasport di Jabatan Imigresen Miri

MIRI - Ramai orang mengadu masalah untuk membuat pasport dan juga masalah mendapatkan pasport baru dan juga lain-lain hal yang berkaitan akibat kesesakan orang ramai yang sentiasa penuh hampir setiap hari di Jabatan Imigresen Miri.

Walaupun untuk memproses pasport mengambil masa satu jam tetapi masalah yang dihadapi oleh orang ramai yang terpaksa berbaris panjang untuk mendapat nombor giliran itu yang akhirnya kecewa apabila tiba gilirannya nombor sudah habis.

Begitu juga di bahagian untuk memperbaharui Pas lawatan, apabila Borang Permohonan Pas Lawatan dan sebagainya tidak dapat ditandatangani oleh pegawai bertugas yang tidak ada atau keluar kawasan terpaksa menunggu pada hari yang lain untuk diproses.

Sudah tentu ini akan menyusahkan orang ramai yang terpaksa berulang-alik ke pejabat semata-mata untuk mendapatkan dokumen tersebut diproses.

Kita ingin memberi beberapa cadangan kepada pihak jabatan imigresen Miri agar dapat menerima cadangan ini dengan hati terbuka:-

1. Ketika ramai orang datang mempembaharui Pasport atau membuat Pasport baru seharusnya kaunter tambahan perlu dibuka. Tambahkan pegawai bertugas untuk melicinkan segala urusan yang berkaitan supaya orang ramai tidak menunggu terlalu lama.

2. Kaunter nombor giliran sepatutnya memaklumkan orang ramai yang nombor adalah terhad supaya apabila sudah sampai kepada nombor giliran terakhir pihak pegawai yang bertugas memaklumkan orang ramai atau menutup pintu masuk supaya orang ramai tidak perlu berbaris panjang semata-mata untuk mendapatkan nombor giliran.

3. Dalam bahagian pertanyaan, sepatutnya pegawai bertugas dapat menerang dengan baik cara-cara

mengisi borang dengan betul, jangan sambil lewa saja menyebabkan orang ramai jadi ragu dan berulang-alik semula ke situ. Masa memanggil nama orang ramai untuk sebarang urusan, sepatutnya menggunakan pembesar suara, jangan berteriak sebab kadang-kadang oleh kerana terlalu bising menyebabkan suara orang memanggil kurang jelas.

4. Pihak jabatan imigresen boleh menambahkan lagi kakitangan baru untuk mengurus segala urusan memproses pasport dan sebagainya agar dapat dipercepatkan lagi sekiranya terlalu ramai orang datang pada masa-masa tertentu.

5. Pegawai yang diberikan amanah atau kuasa untuk menandatangani borang tertentu, seharusnya sentiasa ada atau wakilnya boleh diberi kuasa menandatangani borang tertentu supaya orang ramai yang berurusan dengan dokumen perjalanan dan sebagainya tidak perlu menunggu terlalu lama atau terpaksa datang semula semata-mata untuk mendapatkan dokumen tersebut.

Kita berharap masalah orang ramai yang sukar untuk mendapat pasport atau lain-lain urusan yang berkaitan dapat diselesaikan secara baik dan tepat pada masanya dan semoga cadangan yang tersebut diatas dapat diberi perhatian yang sewajarnya oleh pihak jabatan imigresen Miri.

Kerjasama dengan pihak yang berkenaan sangat dihargai untuk memberi perkhidmatan yang terbaik kepada orang ramai dengan memperbaiki segala masalah orang ramai yang berurusan dengan jabatan imigresen Miri.

Jofri Jaraiee

PAS Miri, Sarawak

English version

Congestion problems and difficulties in obtaining passports at Immigration Department Miri

MIRI - Many people complain of problems to make a passport and also the problem of getting a new passport and other related matters due to people congestion that are always full almost every day at the Miri Immigration Department.

Although for passport processing takes about one hour but the problems faced by the people who had to queue up to get a queue number, which eventually disappointed when his turn number is up.

Similarly in the section to renew the visit pass, when the Visit Pass Application Form etc. cannot be signed by the officer on duty that is not available or out of the area had to wait another day to be processed.

Of course this will trouble the people who have to go back and forth to the office just to get the documents processed.

We want to give some suggestions to the immigration department Miri to receive this proposal with an open heart: -

1. While many people come reinventing Passport or make a new Passport, additional counters should have be opened. Add the duty officer to facilitate all matters related so that people not waiting too long.

2. The queue number counter should inform the people that numbers are limited so that when it came to the last queue number, the officer in charge should inform the people or close the gate so that the people do not have to queue up just to get a queue number.

3. In inquiry section, the duty officer should be able to explain very well the ways to fill in the form properly, do not just casually caused people be doubtful and commute back there again. Time to call the people name on any matter should be using the loud speakers, do not shout because sometimes there is just too noisy cause somebody calling less clear.

4. The immigration department can add new staff to manage all dealings with processing passport etc that can further accelerate if too many people come on certain times.

5. The officer that given trust or authority to sign such a form, should always be available or representative may be authorized to sign a certain forms so that people who deal with travel documents and so on, do not have to wait too long or had to come back just to get the document.

We hope that the people that are difficult to get a passport or other related business could be resolved amicably and in a timely manner and hopefully the above suggestions can be given due attention by the immigration department Miri.

Cooperation with the parties concerned greatly appreciated to give the best service to the people by improving the problems of the people who deal with the immigration department Miri.

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