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Do not publish info from S'wak Report: MCMC threatens

PETALING JAYA: Action will be taken against media outlets who republish articles from whistle blower website The Sarawak Report, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) said today.

In a statement, the MCMC said that it will take action against any quarters publishing false or inaccurate reports, as well as disseminating information which has not been verified yet.

"This includes content published on social media and republication of reports or information from other sources which has not been validated, as this might go against the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998," it said.

The MCMC also said that it had called several editors from online news publications for a briefing on Thursday to remind them that any false or inaccurate news could pose a threat to the country's economy and national security.

"The editors were informed that Sarawak Report was blocked by MCMC under the CMA after receiving complaints and information from the public," it said.

MCMC added that the commission's enforcement chief Zulkarnain Mohd Yassin's statement, which was published in several news portals, has to be seen in the context that there is an ongoing investigation by the police and the Special Task Force, not because there is no proof that exposes by Sarawak Report are untrue.

"In this case, several headlines and articles on this matter is inaccurate," it said.

Several news portals reported that Zulkarnain had said that there is no proof as yet that the exposes by Sarawak Report are false.

"Any parties found to be re-publishing information from Sarawak Report, which has been blocked, will be subjected to action under the CMA," it added.

Sarawak Report, which is based in the United Kingdom, has been running a series of exposes on alleged misappropriation of funds from 1Malaysia Development Berhad.

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