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RM497k Servay Supermarket grab: Trio charged

Hayoup (right), Binjoon (second right) and Jason (third right)

KOTA KINABALU - A Penampang Servay supermarket staff was among three local men charged with robbing it of RM497,348.75 last month.

The employee Carlos Aronson Z Binjoon, 22, a Kadazan, Hayoup Khan Ghulam, 24, and Jason Lionel, 24, a Visaya, were brought before Sessions Court Judge Azreena Aziz to face the charge.

Meanwhile, a tearful Jason told the court that he did not know anything about the case and claimed trial. Azreena fixed March 16-19 next year to hear the case and offered them bail at RM10,000 with RM5,000 deposited in two local sureties each. All were not represented.

They allegedly robbed a worker of the supermarket and made off with the money belonging to the supermarket at 2.30pm on Oct. 27 this year in front of the Evergreen office at the Wong Kwok Commercial Centre, Penampang.

The offence under Section 395 of the Penal Code carries a jail term of up to 20 years and whipping, on conviction.

The facts of the case stated that on Oct. 27 a Servay Supermarket operation executive, One Kok, lodged a report claiming that their workers who brought along RM495,348.75 in the company's van were robbed by two masked men who used a knife and a taser.

Following the report, on Nov 2, Binjoon was arrested at 4.45pm at a store of the supermarket and Hayoup and Jason at different places. Police recovered RM6,800 at Binjoon's rented room, another RM266,795 from Hayoup in Regency Park, Penampang and RM109,650 from Jason. The money was brought back to the Penampang police station.

Investigations revealed that Hayoup was the mastermind and had discussed with Binjoon and Jason about robbing the supermarket.

From: SaSa General FEED


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